Setting Realistic Expectations: Help Us, Help You

Ok ladies, it's time to get real!  Whether you are gearing up for your first ever Prom, or you are knee-deep in planning your wedding, we want to help you get through these monumental moments as stress-free as possible, looking and feeling your best!

Many times, women and young ladies come to us with inspiration pictures of what they want their hair and makeup to look like.  We encourage this!  It is a way for the stylist and the client to begin a conversation of where they are starting and where they are going.  However, not always, but often enough that we need to blog about it, the hair and makeup inspo pics are not realistic and are setting anyone (even the fairy godmother) up for disappointment.  

 A successful style in hair or makeup happens when you are open to a conversation about how or why an inspo pic is realistic or not and how we can adjust accordingly to have a similar style, but be flattering for YOUR unique YOU.  Here are a few other helpful tips and tricks to set yourself up for success on your BIG day:

  • Healthy Hair & Skin Matter:  Dead Ends are the killer of many great down-styles.  Cut Your Hair!  Long hair doesn't automatically mean healthy hair.  You can still have long hair, just keep up with the ends.  Trim off the dead at least every 8 weeks.
  • Product Build-up is not cool: Sitting down for a makeup application while still wearing the makeup you wore last night is not setting yourself up for success!  Regarding hair, if you use wax-based products such as Pantene or Head & Shoulders, the shine on your hair is from wax, this is not a natural, healthy shine.  Wax weighs down hair and creates too much slip for hair to properly hold a curl, especially for 12+ hours.
  • Sit Still with your head up:  a term we call, Rubbernecking.  When a client sits in the chair but every thirty seconds is changing their head direction from the left to the right to down and then up again.  We are 3" away from your skin with a tool that is around 410 degrees.  It is HOT.  If you have long hair, do not keep reaching forward and then back again.  You are smashing your curls by sitting on them.
  • Know your hair texture and thickness:  If you are loving pictures of models with ponytails that are 4" thick, but your's is only 1" thick, there needs to be a conversation about extensions or understanding that the volume and hold factor are going to be different than what you see in a picture.  99% of all pinterest models have extensions and have been a victim of photoshop.
  • Book the appointment that you need, not just whatever is less expensive.  If you book a root touch-up, but really wanted a full-on balayage.  We will give you the balayage, and you will be charged for the balayage.  If you are going to prom, book a Prom appointment; do not book a blowout and expect that you are going to get an up-style.  By not booking what you need, you run the risk of taking more than your allotted time, thus making someone else's appointment run late.
  • Be Honest and Upfront. We promise to give you our 100% best each and every day.  In a world of social media, it has become so easy to be passive-aggressive.  We see this in the salon when clients say "I love it", but then a week later use social media to share less than favorable opinions.  Communicate with us while you are in the chair.  If you want a bolder lip color, let us know, we will do it!  If you leave the salon and decide to take a nap or sit on your long hair, smashing your curls, own that mistake.  We are doing everything in our power to make your hair and makeup absolutely perfect while we are working together. 

We style hair and provide makeup for nearly 2,000 women each and every year.  We are faced with every challenge imaginable when it comes to hair and skin.  Through this experience and our commitment to continuing education, we are experts in our field.  Help us, Help you to achieve the visions you have been dreaming about for your very special day.  Afterall, we may be genius, but we are not magicians.