Welcome to The Lily Collective!

What good is knowledge if you don't share it?  After years of working in the beauty industry, gaining valuable experience and knowledge from industry icons, brand manufacturers, and partnering with professionals who have been in the beauty industry for 50+ years, I decided it was time to share all of the accumulated knowledge that has up until now just been a collective in my head!

 The Lily Collective serves as a source for learning more about all things that encompass beauty.  From products to tips and tricks on how to achieve the latest hair or makeup styles.  Why is one dry shampoo more volumizing than another?  Why, as a middle-aged woman, am I now struggling with eczema (acne, psoriasis, weight, add in your struggle here!) and what can be done about it?

To make it super convenient, The Lily Collective also offers on-line shopping.  If we are talking product, you can be sure to find it under the 'Shop' section.  All of the products recommended follow strict ingredient and labeling standards and they perform!  While all of the products are not tested on animals, I have tested them on my kids, husband, and friends to ensure each product does exactly what it's says it's going to!

If you are in the Savannah area and want to visit us in person, check out the Maintain Beauty Bar tab to learn more about our retail store and blowout bar!

Want to be a part of the mission in sharing the message of getting safer beauty into the hands of everyone?  Click on the Beautycounter tab and learn more about how to join my team!  Beautycounter is a B Corp who's sole mission is to get safer beauty into the hands of everyone.  They are moving mountains with Congress in getting tougher laws passed for the industry and product labeling!

Why the name?  It's personal!  Every product we use, recommend, sell, and ship comes from the heart.  The how, what and why behind a product's performance is my passion.  It's what keeps me up at night and keeps me going through the day!  Because it's personal, I wanted to choose a name that most closely defines what lives in my heart.  Lily as a flower has always been one of my favorites.  Known for it's purity, robust fragrance, and vibrant colors a lily is hardy, yet delicate.  Lily was also the name of my sweet cocker spaniel, our family companion for 13 years, we had to say good-bye to Lily in 2016 and I could not think of a better way to pay her tribute than to make her a part of this company.

Enjoy this journey with me, tell your friends, and let me know if there is ever a topic you would like to see highlighted!